Management Team

The Management Team

Mrs. Kari Fredriksen (See Board of Directors) is formally registred CEO of the company, but not employed.

Dr. Ole Skarin, COO, (Swedish). He holds a PhD in history from Gothenburg University, has held several positions in the international computer industry a.o. marketing director for the Educational and Research market in Europe for Apple Computers, built new companies and worked as a consultant within change management and international marketing communication, a.o. for EADS.

His task is to coordinate and follow up on the activities in the organisation with an emphasis on coordinating the market and sales activities with designated organisations as well as supporting the Board of Directors with information and material to make optimal market strategic decisions.

Børre Holter, CTO, (Norwegian). He holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Surrey, UK. He has broad experience in management of projects involving multiple high-technology disciplines. Through his whole career he has been widely involved in cooperation with high-tech businesses throughout USA, Japan and Europe and cooperation with international research centers. He is author and co-author of many scientific publications within different technology disciplines and inventor of several patents.

He is responsible for R&D, technical planning and reporting for the PolyDisplay group. He is managing the day to day work related to technology inside the group as well as approved projects. He also holds the position as CEO of TechnoDisplay AS.