Intellectual property

After 20 years of acquisitions and development, PolyDisplay fully owns its complete and complimentary technology, and has over the years advocated a pointed patenting strategy to maintain and strengthen the protective intellectual property shield covering all aspects of the EASL DMD™ technology.

In the outset a portfolio of 22 patents were acquired from Northern Telecom (1 patent 50 % from Merck KDaA) together with the technology package. This portfolio has continuously been strengthened with new patents and patent applications, and the total number of expired, active and pending patents is today 28 with an additional exclusive right for EASL DMD™ usage of one active and two expired patents. 

The current patent coverage is divided into three categories:

  • Basic technology
  • Production and Methods
  • Systems and Applications

PolyDisplay is encouraging that any inventions that may lead to new patents should preferably be interlocking and/or interdependent with existing patents thus ensuring a mutual strengthening and protection against penetration or circumnavigation. This applies both within and across the main categories.  PolyDisplay is also aggressively securing ownership and/or exclusive rights of IP made through outsourced contract work with R&D entities, thus ensuring that this will further strengthen the company’s technology and IP base.

Although patents are in the public domain, to make the knowledge of the technology less accessible, PolyDisplay does not publicise patents and contents thereof, and rather uses the “Coca-Cola principle”.

There are no material outstanding legal disputes relating to PolyDisplay´s patents.