Application examples

The features of the EASL DMD™ technology open up a wide variety of application areas, replacing current display technologies in a number of today’s market segments and opening new market application possibilities. Some examples of possible product and application areas are listed below.

Transportation messaging boards
- time table and destination information, direction signs on station, on platform and onboard at airports, buss-, tube-, and railway stations.

Advertising/information boards – indoor and outdoor public information displays and direction signs in shops, hotels, exhibitions, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, museums, etc.

Point Of Sale (POS) displays - large electronic posters and small electronic shelf edge labels (ESL) for advertisement, direction signs, pricing information, items description and special offers announcements in retail sector.

Dynamic road signs – dynamic boards showing symbolic, text, graphical information, e.g. changeable speed limit, detour and road work signs, traffic jam and road condition warnings, etc.

Score boards outdoors and indoors.

Queuing system displays

Industry information boards – production/process data, security data, etc.

Personal/military storage high resolution displays - in navigation systems, electronic books/newspapers, etc.

Rewritable cards with static information – ID cards, access cards, conference or exhibition badges, etc.

Projection displays – no video monochrome or full colour projectors - a cost efficient compact version of foil overhead projectors with static information.

Non-display applications – switchable windows, light shutters and light modulators in optical systems, low-density low-capacity optical storage media.