PolyDisplay AS was established by Thor G. Kamfjord in 1991. The company has invested heavily in the development of terminals and systems based on its own, unique PolyDisplay® concept and ImageDisplay® technology; Electrically Addressable Smectic Liquid Daylight Memory Display (EASL DMD™) technology.

All rights and material patents (IPR) are fully owned by the company itself.  

TechnoDisplay AS, a fully owned subsidiary of PolyDisplay AS, was established in 1996 with the responsibility to conduct research and development, prototyping and industrialization of the EASL DMD™ LCD technology.

The group has a highly competent and enthusiastic team who have achieved substantial results. It is cooperating with world renowned Centres of Excellence in many parts of the world to further enhance the competence, know-how and capabilities of TechnoDisplay.