EASL Image Display modules

PolyDisplay’s EASL DMD™ technology enables development of Image Display modules (ID-modules™) for single or tiled information displays. ID-modules™ have two distinct generic configurations: PolyDisplay® and Vindauge™.

A PolyDisplay® ID-module™ is the EASL display in reflective configuration that exploits the diffuse reflection properties of EASL DMD™ and exhibits a paper-like appearance in combination with inexpensive black background materials.

A Vindauge™ ID-module™ is the EASL display in its transparent configuration that benefits from the exceptional transmission properties of the EASL DMD™ technology opening up for a range of new application areas.


tech id2


For variable road signage (VMS) applications (e.g. information text boards and variable speed limit signs), PolyDisplay has developed a general 14” x 14”, 32 x 32 dot matrix ID-module that can be stacked and daisy chained to any number and sizes. The ID-modules™ provide sign integrators with a building block for VMS with an appearance similar to printed signs.

The combination of the reflective features and image memory of the ID-modules™ offer long periods of operation with zero power consumed when displaying static images. For remote or portable installations relying on battery and/or solar power, this opens up for possibilities for extended battery/service life of installations with no infrastructure (power lines) where variable message signs so far have been considered impossible or too costly.

Due to the simple and robust construction products based on ID-modules™ offer low cost of ownership. Together with an EASL display controller, the ID-modules™ facilitate rapid development of for example variable road signage products.