Key markets

Within the five key market areas, products can be developed in different stages from the key component EASL liquid, cells, modules to terminals or to systems depending on the preferred product output. The ESASL liquid memory technology enables in this way industrialized products and systems to be adapted into a new sustainable sector of our society. (aDAPPD).

Key markets

A fundamental prerequisite to be able to deliver products and generate sales and profit is industrial volume production facilities. Therefore it is logical and necessary to establish a reference production facility on Scandinavian soil.

This will enable supply of EASL Glass in order for PolyDisplay to focus on three entry and key market/product areas;

  1. Domotic (Digital windows/walls and facades in buildings)
  2. Automotive (Digital windows in land-, sea- and air vehicles)
  3. Public (Digital road signage, information displays)


Domotic (Digital windows/walls and facades)


Key markets


Examples blinds in order to manage light and energy in buildings (video)


Automotive – (Digital windows in land- sea- and air vehicles)

Example cars




 Public (Digital road signage, information displays) 

Traffic signage – examples from the 3mEUR project for digital road signage
with SAAB in co-operation with Norwegian and Swedish Road Authorities


Key markets


Information boards

Key markets8