Adam Jackson, CEO

Univ. of Hull; PhD Chemistry and Electro-optics, LCD, Organic Chemistry. Trent Polytechnic; BSc in Applied Chemistry. BI; Management diploma: Strategic leadership, Organizational Psychology. AutoDisplay; Reaserch Mngr LCD. NTNU; Visiting Prof. Statoil; Research mngr. Senior Engineer, Staff engineer and group leader. Head of Department, Materials Technology.  RAE Energy; Responsible for Industrialization of new technologies. Trelleborg AB; Materials and system development, Industrialization of new technologies. Development of long term technology strategy. New materials development.


In addition to the above management there is a network of specialists ready to be engaged in key positions on short notice. The core of the network has been working in the Fjord International AS structure since quite some years and are very familiar with the basic technology and the operation within R&D.