Display types

EASL DMD™ can be realized in two basic addressing configurations: dot matrix and segmented.


Matrix displays

These displays can show graphical information including text with changeable font style and size. The information area of the matrix display is split into the matrix of picture elements – pixels. The amount of the pixels available on the display determines the level of image details that can be shown. The required amount of pixels for a certain application and the dimension of the information area, determine both the pixel size and the amount of pixel rows and columns. In addition, the size of pixels depends on the distance the information is supposed to be viewed.

The distinct voltage threshold feature together with the optical memory of EASL DMD™ technology gives infinite multiplexing capabilities, which allows use of a cost effective passive matrix addressing method with possibility of development of extremely high resolution displays.


Segmented displays

These displays show predetermined icons and segmented alpha-numerical content. It is not possible to change the shape of icons or apply different fonts and change the location of predetermined alpha-numerical segments, since these are determined by the electrodes pattern on display substrates.