From its inception by founder Thor G. Kamfjord in the 1980s, the company has obtained investments for the further development of the EASL technology and for establishing proof-of-concept.

In the period 1985 - 1991 the company had, through its predecessor Autodisplay AS, close co-operation with all major European car manufacturers succeeding over 200 projects pioneering reconfigurable display systems. PolyDisplay was also appointed lead in Work Group 4 at PROMETHEUS, a 750 mEUR EU-project with fourteen car manufacturer, within Man Machine Interface, a project that laid the foundation for todays European road traffic system. 

The company was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (OTC) from 1996 until 2010. Due to discontinuation of cooperation with the funding bank, the mother company, Fjord International AS, denoted PolyDisplay ASA from the Oslo Stock Exchange (OTC) in 2010.

The founder Fjord International directly and indirectly still controls 72% of the shares of the company with the remaining 28% held by more than 570 private and institutional shareholders.

PolyDisplay has enjoyed the support from and co-operation with a number of key universities nationally and abroad, national organisations, research institutes and reference customers including, to name a few, all main European car manufacturers, EUREKA Prometeus, SINTEF, Siemens, SAAB AB, Telenor, Swedish and Norwegian National Road Authorities and The Norwegian Defence.