Intellectual property

Strong IP portfolio

PolyDisplay AS wholly owns this unique technology and is completely and fully IP independent. Over the years the company has conceived, acquired, developed and kept alive more than 120 patents until expiring into prior art covering the basic technology, production process and production methods, as well as systems and applications/products as well as more thant 20 trade marks.

The company is currently keeping key patents active within basic technology, production, and systems as well as trademarks for key products, such as VindaugeTM. (The norse original word for Windows).

PolyDisplay has generated substantial additional know-how, international network and knowledge that further strengthen its current IPR portfolio. PolyDisplay is also aggressively securing ownership and/or exclusive rights of IP made through outsourced contract work with R&D entities, thus ensuring that this will further strengthen the company’s technology and IP base.

Although patents are in the public domain, to make the knowledge of the technology less accessible, PolyDisplay does not publicize patents and contents thereof, and therefore uses the “Coca-Cola principle” for the enabling technology.

There are no material outstanding legal disputes relating to PolyDisplay´s patents.